May 18, 2021

Yard Technician Corey Bonds Wins April’s Core Employee Award


Corey Bonds is what every workplace wants: A stand-up employee who shows up on time, gets their job done and even cracks a smile or two while doing it. EquipmentShare’s Little Rock location is lucky to have Corey on its staff — and the team knows it.

“Corey is the epitome of what an employee should be,” Mike Israel, EquipmentShare Little Rock’s general manager, says. “He works hard, and he stays busy. The guy is covered in mud, and he’s got a smile on his face.”

Corey is a yard technician and has been with EquipmentShare since July 2020. It’s Corey’s job to make sure every machine looks spic and span and runs properly before heading out to its next job, and because of that, the team credits Corey as the one responsible for making a good first impression with customers.

“It all starts with Corey,” Territory Account Manager Gary Sadler says. “He’s the first impression, when the equipment hits [the customer’s] site. He takes a tremendous amount of pride in what he does.” 

“I’ve never seen equipment look as clean or as beautiful as [Corey’s],” Rental Coordinator Pete Thomas adds. 

Corey’s teammates nominated him for the April Core Employee Award because of his positive attitude, his dedication to his job and his willingness to always go above and beyond. He doesn’t just clean equipment; he makes sure our customers have the very best possible experience with EquipmentShare from the moment they set eyes on their rental machine. 

Thank you to Corey for his hard work and the positivity he brings to the EquipmentShare team. We couldn’t succeed without you.

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