September 14, 2022

Your Construction Personality

Image of AR Filter quiz game being used on a cell phone with text saying "Which Construction Personality Are You?"
Work Life

Which construction personality are you? Check out our social media filter and take the quiz to find out!

Are you a bulldozer or a forklift? Never thought about it? Our “This or That'' quiz filter will tell you. 

In order to build the kind of team needed to solve industry challenges and build the future of construction, EquipmentShare pulls together people from all types of backgrounds and experiences. 

How it works

We paired four different personality types up with four different construction machines to match you with one based on your preferences, which align with the functions of each machine. 

Using Instagram and Facebook, you can access the filter on our pages to take a short, interactive quiz. A question will appear above your head with two answer options to the left and right below it. Tilt your head to the left or the right to indicate your answer. Try out the Your Construction Personality filter now.

Once you complete the quiz, the machine that most closely aligns to your personality will appear above your head.

EquipmentShare is a People First workplace – the individual health and success of our employees is at the forefront of every decision. Promoting an environment where a work-life balance is encouraged plays a big role in how we put our people first. Our personality quiz is just one way we’re spreading the message to have a little work-related fun.


Take out your phone, take a break and take the quiz now to find out which machine, tool or piece of equipment you are. Share with friends to compare results!