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Transitioning Construction Through Covid-19

We’re ready to help you get back to work, creating new ways to help the builders of America move forward. We're equipped to help you succeed.

Construction contributes significantly to our nation’s GDP and is a driving factor in the economic health of communities in every corner of the country. That’s why our team of engineers and field staff at EquipmentShare continue to develop new ways to help the builders of America move forward.

EquipmentShare is a construction rental and technology solutions business with more than 80 locations nationwide. EquipmentShare's fleet management system allows contractors to manage and track their fleet from anywhere on the planet through their smart device.

It’s EquipmentShare’s mission to ensure that contractors and construction professionals have the right tools and assets to get the job done, whether that's contactless equipment rental experience, smart jobsite technology, service and parts, or a new machine.

We are the go-to construction resource for getting the job done today and tomorrow.

Contractor's Smart Jobsite Toolset

How to Use Smart Jobsite Toolset for Business Continuity

Part of what makes EquipmentShare Track technology so powerful is the effect it has on jobsite communication. Our fleet management system has always helped the construction industry work more efficiently because it empowers contractors to easily and quickly communicate across teams. It is designed to improve jobsite visibility and communication, simplify management tasks and save contractors time and money.

One side effect of tech-powered communication is less time spent talking face-to-face. EquipmentShare’s suite of construction technology solutions will help your business continue work without risk of exposure.

Construction Technology Suite

Smart Jobsite Toolset

helping contractors work safely

Our commitment
to Contractors

The coronavirus has changed how we live, work and travel. We know it's been tough on our customers and professionals in the construction community. But there is good news around the corner as venturing out becomes safer and safer. Construction continues to pick up, and we are here ready to help you get the job done, with safety being first.

Construction work must continue, even if a typical workday is anything but. It is our mission to help the modern contractor build better and accomplish more at the jobsite, and our team is committed to helping builders overcome the challenges of today to build a better future for tomorrow. 

Our Commitment to Your Safety

We’ve made it simple for you to rent the equipment you need without face-to-face interaction and without risk of exposure. EquipmentShare Track technology allows your business to continue work and manage your fleet remotely for safety and efficiency. Most importantly,  our team is working hard to provide you with the essential services and solutions your business needs in order to continue daily operations.

Sanitizing Equipment

  • Each and every machine returned to our rental yard after a job is thoroughly inspected, cleaned and sanitized. It’s what we have always done and what we will continue to do to ensure rental assets are in top shape and are clean and ready for the next job.

Continuing Business Relationships

  • Ready to rent? We can help you over the phone, online or from your Link mobile app—all contactless ways to continue business. We’ve made the rental and off-rent process simple, convenient and safe for our customers. Our customers can always find us online at or by phone at (888) 80-RENTS.

Masking Up to Get the Job Done

  • To limit virus exposure and to do our part in keeping employees and customers safe, EquipmentShare strongly encourages team members to wear masks when social distancing (at least 6 feet apart) cannot be observed. This policy goes for all locations, regardless of whether or not a local or state mask ordinance is in effect.
  • We also encourage employees to wear masks while indoors until they are situated in their workspace and away from their team members. 
  • Our teams also practice social distancing while helping customers at local yards and on the job.
Disaster Response Division

disasters happen.
we're here to help.

Healthcare facilities, utility providers and other life-saving community resource providers need equipment solutions to continue what they do. That’s where our Disaster Response Team comes in. EquipmentShare is here to support our community’s essential service providers in a time where they are working hard to protect and save lives.

We're Hiring

Looking for a career?

Unlike many companies out there experiencing a slowdown in hiring as a result of the pandemic, EquipmentShare is looking to fill a variety of positions throughout the country. Glassdoor recently named EquipmentShare on the list of 21 companies actively hiring amid Covid-19.

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When you’re done with your rental, simply off-rent it in the Link mobile app for a contactless off-renting experience.


Our rental account representatives and Track support staff are always just a call or email away, no matter where your job takes you.

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