Control Access on Rental Equipment

Cloud-Connected Keypads

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Ditch the Keys and Go Digital

Equipment Access Control

EquipmentShare’s cloud-connected keypads replace universal keys for your rented machines. A wide variety of equipment in our rental fleet is outfitted with our keypads to enhance security and safety on the jobsite. But beyond that, they also help you save money, reduce waste and track your equipment usage at every construction project.

Check out the keypad features
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Enhance Visibility

Understand who’s using which machine at any give moment, and view operator history for your equipment for total visibility.

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Control Costs

Secure your machines to prevent theft, and save thousands on replacement and repair costs.

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Increase Productivity

Never hunt down a set of keys again. Save time by assigning access codes to team members and authorized operators.

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Pitch Pen and Paper

Run a digital report with T3 to easily see who’s used your machinery and when.

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The problem: Universal keys

Aside from allowing thieves to outright steal your equipment, universal keys also allow unauthorized users to operate your machinery behind your back. We call this “microtheft” because you end up paying for the fuel they burn and any maintenance issues they cause. With keypads, you can keep other crews off your rented equipment — and you never again have to keep track of physical keys.
Learn more about microtheft
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I’d bet microtheft happens 1,000-times more often than the total theft of a machine, and it’s why 100% of my company’s fleet is now connected to EquipmentShare’s ecosystem.
Bartley Stevenson
Owner, Milam Excavating Corporation
Gain Visibility, Control, and Productivity

Powerful Hardware Creates Powerful Connectivity

No matter the make, model or class of your machine, our technology can digitize and track it. Our hardware connects to trailers, trucks, heavy equipment, valuable small tools, buckets and attachments, Conex boxes and fuel pumps and pulls the data together into one single platform, T3. Visibility, control and productivity for your jobsite!

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We have never lost a key to this equipment. The best thing in the world is to be able to give my team a special code and off they go. You can control who has access. There’s no more broken keys in the ignition and my team members aren’t leaving them at home. It’s unbelievable.
Terrence Dempsey
Precast Superintendent, Clark Pacific
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Before we started working with EquipmentShare, other contractors would frequently use our machines while we weren’t at the jobsite. Even if it was just for five or 10 minutes, I consider this theft because they did not pay to transport the equipment to the jobsite, and they were not paying for the hours, fuel and service. Plus, there were also safety concerns and injuries that could occur.
Bartley Stevenson
Owner, Milam Contracting
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