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Goodbye To Bottlenecks

Notifications about your jobsite and fleet as they happen

T3’s “Alerts” feature allows you to get real-time updates on everything from machine location and performance to operator behavior without stepping foot on a single jobsite. On your computer or mobile device, you could be alerted at the exact moment a machine’s fuel level dips too low or its coolant temperature spikes too high — and you could also know exactly when your assets arrive and depart from each construction project.

It only takes a few simple clicks to create custom alerts for your owned and rented fleet. You can apply all of your alerts to all of your assets, or you can assign specific alerts to specific machines, asset types or even specific jobsites. From there, you can choose to receive your notifications via text message or email, and you can log into EquipmentShare’s Fleet App anytime to get a full summary of your company’s alert activity, identify trends and make changes to improve your fleet utilization and productivity.

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You can set the following jobsite and diagnostic alerts:

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Average Miles Per Gallon

Understand how your asset uses fuel and make adjustments to your usage if the rate is too low.

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Battery State of Charge

Know when your fleet's battery charge has dropped to avoid service downtime.

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Battery Voltage

Be notified when your voltage goes too high or too low, as specified in your alert rule.

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Bluetooth Low Battery

Learn when the battery in your machine’s Bluetooth tracking device is low and requires replacing.

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Coolant Level

Receive a warning alert when the asset's fluid reaches the threshold percentage indicated in your alert rule.

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Coolant Temperature

Get an alert when your asset’s coolant temperature rises too high.

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Diesel Exhaust Fluid Level

Set the DEF level alert to be notified when an asset’s percentage level is too low.

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Diesel Particulate Filter Regen Status

Get notified when the DPF status is 1, 2 or 3.

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Fault Codes (DTC)

Learn when and why a fault code is triggered for an asset.

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Fuel Level

Receive an alert when a machine’s fuel level is low.

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Be alerted when assets enter and exit a Geofenced location.

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Idle Duration

Learn when a machine has idled for too long.

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Low Battery

Know when an asset's battery has dropped below a recommended level.

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Oil Pressure

Be notified when your asset reaches a certain PSI level.

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Oil Temperature

Receive an alert when an asset’s oil temperature reaches a certain level.

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Outside Working Hours

Learn when your assets are operating outside of established working hours.

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Be notified if an asset exceeds your miles-per-hour limit.

Alerts Help YoU:

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Maximize Your Uptime

Unexpected maintenance issues kill your productivity. Alerts help you avoid breakdowns, create work orders, and plan your service interventions with more accuracy and efficiency. Why only check your fleet’s battery and fluid levels during regular service intervals? Proactively monitor each machine’s maintenance needs by setting alerts for when they are running low on fuel, oil, coolant, DEF and more. Plus, our DTC Fault Code alerts don’t just tell you when a DTC code is triggered — they tell you why it was triggered, which allows you to quickly address the issue with limited downtime.

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Track Your Assets

Use alerts in tandem with T3 Fleet to know exactly where and when your machines are being used. Set a Geofencing alert to learn when assets are entering and exiting your jobsites. Also set alerts for when machines are operating outside of your regular working hours to help you identify when other crews use your equipment behind your back. We call this “microtheft,” and our Outside Working Hours alert is one of multiple ways to prevent it from happening.

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Save Money

Set alerts to uncover jobsite inefficiencies that are costing you money. For example, our Idle Duration alert can be programmed to tell you when a machine is sitting stationary for too long and wasting fuel. Use our Miles Per Gallon alert to better understand your fleet’s fuel consumption and make adjustments to your usage if necessary. Our Outside Working Hours alert can help you avoid unanticipated fuel and maintenance costs.

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Increase Safety

Ensure workplace safety and monitor your operators with our Speed alert. Set a maximum miles-per-hour limit for each asset class, and get a notification on your phone or computer when this number is exceeded. Avoid the accidents, injuries or legal issues that occur when employees dangerously operate machines. Get alerts when employees speed or drive erratically, and keep only your safest operators on the road.

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Powerful Hardware Creates Powerful Connectivity

No matter the make, model or class of your machine, our technology can digitize and track it. Our hardware connects to trailers, trucks, heavy equipment, valuable small tools, buckets and attachments, Conex boxes and fuel pumps and pulls the data together into one single platform, T3. Visibility, control and productivity for your jobsite!