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Jobsite & Dash Cams

EquipmentShare offers multiple camera solutions to help contractors monitor their projects, protect their machines, keep their teams safe and improve compliance at every jobsite. Our cameras use cloud technology to sync to T3 — the operating system for construction — allowing you to watch live and archived footage on your computer or mobile device any time.

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Enhance Visibility

Install cameras at your jobsite and on your vehicles so you can keep tabs on your projects no matter where you are.

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Control Costs

Use cameras as a source of truth in the event of accidents or theft to save on insurance premiums and repair costs.

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Increase Productivity

Monitor projects and proactively determine training and compliance needs based on camera footage.

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For All Assets

Use cameras on vehicles, buildings and jobsites for max security, safety and visibility.

The Problem: Construction is Dangerous and Ripe for Theft

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Injuries take place on construction sites in the US annually
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Of construction sites experience theft OR vandalism
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Of all work related deaths in the
US happen in construction
AI software gives cameras safety and security intelligence

Smart Cameras Features

EquipmentShare partners with other innovative companies like Forsight to bring next generation advancements to the industry. Forsight uses cutting-edge AI vision technology to solve some of the construction industry's greatest challenges by developing camera solutions for the dynamic built environment.

Improve Safety

These cameras can also help you promote proper PPE usage, notifying you when workers are not wearing hard hats or safety vests on the jobsite. With Forsight’s AI software, you can use geofencing to draw a boundary around dangerous or restricted areas and receive alerts when the cameras detect people or machines entering the area.

Detect personal protective equipment adherence.
Daily and monthly reports and statistics.
Detect proximity to fall hazards.
Intelligent geofences keep workers and equipment out of unsafe areas.
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Enhance Security

These cameras allow contractors to monitor projects 24/7. They can track the people and vehicles that enter and exit each day as well as detect abnormal activity such as theft, vandalism or fire.

AI detects and differentiates between worker, intruder and motion in real-time.
Detect smoke and fire.
Draw security geofences with intelligent rules.
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360 Fleet Visibility and MOre

Dash Cams

Our road- and driver-facing cameras can be installed on almost any vehicle. You can use them to coach your drivers and review incidents that have occurred while they are behind the wheel. If our camera detects dangerous or distracted driving  — such as cell phone usage, swerving, sudden stops or a collision — it can send an in-cab alert to the driver and also automatically create a clip of the event for you to watch later.

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One Solution To Control Your Fleet

Camera Benefits

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Safety, Security and Compliance

Cameras can prevent theft, save lives and keep your company in good standing with the federal government. If you are accused of an OSHA violation, you can review video footage from your vehicles and jobsite to confirm or disprove the claim. You can also use camera footage to quickly identify thieves and remedy dangerous jobsite behavior, helping you protect your assets and maintain a strong CSA score.

A Clear Source of Truth

When a theft, accident or injury occurs on a job, video footage helps you discern what really happened. You can easily track down relevant clips and event logs in our platform and share them directly with insurance companies, law enforcement, legal professionals and other parties involved in the incident. This video evidence can help you limit the high costs and headaches that often accompany stolen assets and workplace accidents.
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service technicians reviewing vehicle camera recordings in the field

Driver Coaching

Vehicle cameras help you promote safer, smarter operator behavior. They don’t just alert you when people are driving erratically — they show you why your operator swerved or jammed on the brakes. If someone was distracted and looking at their phone, you can coach and discipline them accordingly. But if they were swerving to avoid a pothole or deer, you can disregard the alert and thank the driver for their quick reflexes.
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Just a few days after installing our dashcams, one of our drivers was in an accident where the other party claimed we were at fault. Our video footage clearly showed the other driver turning in front of our driver and cutting them off. It would be much more difficult to defend ourselves if we didn't have these cameras!

Carlos Torres

Branch Manager, EquipmentShare Newark

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