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Compliance isn’t just about avoiding hefty fines. It’s about preventing workplace accidents and keeping your team safe. Committing to compliance means devoting time, effort and technology to the task so you are always prepared for OSHA inspections and DOT inquiries.

In an average year, OSHA conducts more than 30,000 jobsite inspections across America. More than half of these inspections are in response to an accident or safety-related complaint.  (Source: OSHA.gov)

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Powerful solutions that prevent unnecessary pitfalls

T3 Compliance Features

T3, the operating system for construction, is a suite of apps that harnesses jobsite and construction workflow data to give you a full picture of your business operations. T3 technology works hard to keep your team safe and compliant.

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T3 E-Logs

Replace your paper logbooks with an easy-to-use ELD compliance app.  E-Logs automatically records your drivers’ hours and creates daily logs and eRODS you can easily access from any computer or mobile phone.

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Driver e-logs
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IFTA Reports

Our telematics trackers can automatically record all the data you need to remain IFTA compliant. Use T3 Fleet’s reporting tools to create and download IFTA fuel reports with just a few clicks of your mouse.

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T3 Dash Cams serve as a source of truth when you or your company are accused of compliance violations. Get easy access to important data — like driver speed, location and potentially risky driving behaviors — you can share with law enforcement and insurance companies. Review road and in-cab footage from your computer or mobile device to confirm or disprove claims against your company.

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Cloud-Connected Keypads

Use our cloud-connected keypads to create unique access codes for rental machines that require OSHA-certified operators. Maintain compliance by ensuring only qualified users operate your rented assets.

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