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Rent, Off-Rent, Request Service on the Go

EquipmentShare’s mobile app helps you manage your equipment rental reservations from anywhere, anytime. Using the T3 fleet management technology, customers can reserve a machine, off-rent it immediately to save time and money, and request service if needed. With a few clicks on your smartphone, our app helps make hard work a bit easier.

Available for Apple and Android

Download the EquipmentShare Rent app on your iPhone or Android mobile device.

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The Problem:

Waiting to Rent Wastes Time – and Money

In construction, time is money. When you’re in need of a rental machine, you often don’t have time to waste calling around to see which company has the best price on the machine you need. With our mobile app, you can simply pick up your phone, look up the machine you need and click “reserve.” You can instantly reserve a rental or change your reservation. Your crew can save time and get back to work faster with the ability to manage all of your EquipmentShare rental reservations, all from your mobile device.

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Stop paying for a rental you no longer need.

When you are done with the machine, simply click off-rent to complete your reservation. Cut down on your rental spend!

Download the Rent App
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Control your rentals from your mobile device at any time of day (or night).

Mobile App Features

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Easily reserve your equipment

Find the machine you need and reserve it for your upcoming job.

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Leverage custom rates

Take advantage of your company’s guaranteed rental rate when reserving through the app.

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Schedule off-rent or cancel reservations

Did you forget to off-rent that boom lift, but it’s 11 o’clock at night? No problem. Off-rent instantly in the app, and save your money.

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Manage rental dates

Set your rental start date and end date, or adjust a set date to fit your needs, all within the app.

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See upcoming rentals

View what’s on schedule to prepare for tomorrow, next week or even next month’s jobs.

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View access key codes for machines

Always know who has access to your rentals and change codes when you need to.

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Manage your rentals wherever the job takes you

The Rentals app goes where you go. Plus, with your trusted account representative just a phone call away, you’ll always be covered by EquipmentShare.

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Review contracts

View your company’s past and current rental contracts in the app. Easily present and share your rental agreements with other divisions of your business.

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See historical rentals

Track past rentals for record-keeping, and view rental history at a glance to easily see which equipment you reserve most for your jobs.

Make your hard work simpler. Get the Rent app.

Download the Rent app on your iPhone or Android mobile device.

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Want to simplify how your team manages and monitors your mixed fleet? See how T3 fleet management technology can help you.