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Jobsite Insights

Geofencing is a tool in our T3 Fleet app that allows you to draw a border around your active jobsites and gain essential insights about the people, assets and materials located within each boundary.

Geofencing helps you stay organized, keep better track of your equipment utilization and reduce theft. For example, you can receive real-time alerts when assets enter and exit each jobsite, and you can create reports that tell you exactly how long each machine was in use each day at each project. If you are a rental customer, we will help you geofence your jobsites so you can instantly access curated data about your projects.

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Take project management to the next level

Geofencing Benefits

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Dynamic Jobsite Alerts

Geofencing and our Alerts tool work hand-in-hand to keep you informed about your projects and save you time and effort. You can create project-specific alerts for each geofence, and our system will automatically apply them to assets as they enter the boundaries.

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Geofence Dashboard
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Real-Time Theft Awareness

Immediately receive a notification when a machine exits a geofence or is being operated outside of regular working hours. Open our Fleet app to track your equipment’s GPS location in real time, and provide law enforcement with accurate, up-to-the-second details.

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Utilization Reports

T3 Analytics generates reports with countless pieces of data about the machines in your geofences. You can see how assets at each project are being utilized and find opportunities to better manage your fleet. For example, if a machine is consistently idling or sitting unused at one project, it could be moved to a jobsite that needs additional assets. This helps you avoid unnecessary rental costs and ensures you maximize every resource at your disposal.

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T3’s utilization dashboard has been a huge driving force for us. We can now see where all of our assets are located and how each machine is being used. EquipmentShare helps us make the best decisions we can about our fleet and maximize the value of our machines.
Andrew Holder
Director of Maintenance, ASI Paving
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Accurate Billing

When you know exactly how long machines are being used at each project every day, you can generate accurate, data-driven bids and invoices. Geofences help you boost your bottom line and ensure you get paid exactly what you are owed for every project.

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Outside of EquipmentShare, we have not found anything that allows us to view our rentals, fleet, GPS, geofencing and time tracking all in one place. The geofencing they offer is by far the best we’ve ever seen. I know some folks who have to use three systems to track work hours. EquipmentShare’s technology and platform does it all in one system.

Kale Dempsey

Little Dixie Construction, Columbia, MO