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Maintenance Solutions

Equipment Service Simplified

Prevent Breakdowns

Maintenance issues are a common source of chaos on construction sites, which lead to costly downtime and project delays. From using data science to prevent future breakdowns, service alerts to notify operators of an issue, and GPS to easily track down machines needing maintenance, our technology has your construction operations covered.

Simplifying Fleet Maintenance and Work Orders
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A better way to keep your fleet on the job

Service and Maintenance Solutions

EquipmentShare’s service team and award-winning fleet management technology come into play. Our OEM-certified technicians and suite of T3 solutions use telematics to help you quickly identify and address maintenance issues before they happen.

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Service Support

We offer service and maintenance support at all of our rental yard locations. When your rented or owned machines break down, our technicians are ready to help you get them back to work. We can also notify you when our technology detects a maintenance issue on the horizon.

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T3 Fleet

Our T3 Fleet app connects all of your machines and vehicles — regardless of make or model — to give you a bird’s-eye view of your entire fleet’s maintenance status in real time. Using a combination of telematics trackers and harnesses, Fleet digitizes data from your rented and owned assets and empowers you to access it all from one place on your mobile device or desktop.

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T3 Work Orders

Our T3 Work Orders solution streamlines and simplifies your fleet’s ongoing service needs into one centralized hub. Replace your paper-based processes with a digital maintenance experience that reduces your diagnostic time, speeds up your service, helps you avoid downtime and saves you money.

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Our Alerts features in T3 gives you real-time updates on everything from machine location and performance to operator behavior without having to step foot on a single jobsite. On your computer or mobile device, you could be alerted at the exact moment a machine’s fuel level dips too low or its coolant temperature spikes too high — and you could also know exactly when your assets arrive and depart from each construction project.

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Taking historic maintenance and bringing it to the 21st century

Smart Service = Fleet Optimization

When a vital piece of equipment breaks down, you might need to shut down your entire project until repairs are made or a replacement machine arrives. T3 is always working in the background to prevent downtime and streamline service when needed.

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Get diagnostics and alerts on the go

Monitor Machine Health

T3 gives you all the info you need — GPS location, machine use history and diagnostic codes — to find the machine and repair it. Before you send a service member out to diagnose an issue, our tech can help you pinpoint the problem.
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They offer a smarter system that helps us better manage our equipment and rentals. It provides better visibility on the work started to the work completed, including record keeping and from a risk and safety management perspective, their technology helps us check off multiple boxes
Patrick Leis
Director of Logistics Operations, JE Dunn, Kansas City, MO

Reduce downtime and costly repairs with data

Preventive Maintenance

Because our tech works on all makes and models, we capture and digest rich machine data on breakdowns, and our data scientists use that information to build preventive models. We then incorporate that knowledge into our system and alert customers if we see similar symptoms taking place on an asset -- even if it goes unnoticed by the instruments or the operator.
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By using the technology, I can pinpoint which machine is causing problems and ask questions to the team in the field or request some service for that machine. That helps us avoid emergencies and prevent breakdowns. I can see what the machine is working on, where it’s going and which facility it’s on from states away.
Shawn Wildt
Purchasing Agent, Flash Trucking and South Texas Frac
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Our rental equipment is always ready to work when you need it

Tech-Enabled Rentals

Because our platform tracks and monitors the vehicle history and health of our rental fleet, our service team can quickly and easily mitigate repairs and reduce downtime. A dedicated service team is constantly monitoring the health and performance of every machine.
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We turn to EquipmentShare for equipment and technology. Anything we’ve ever rented from them is delivered in top shape without issues. And if there is a problem with the machine, their team is able to fix it quickly due to their tracking abilities.
Kale Dempsey
Little Dixie Construction, Columbia, MO