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Managing a construction company is no easy feat, especially when your team is working across multiple jobsites.

T3, the operating system for construction, helps construction companies streamline and simplify their people management processes. With our technology, you can improve your team’s productivity and safety and decrease your administrative headaches.

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T3 Time Cards

T3 Time Cards gives you complete visibility into the hours your team works on every project and can sync to your ERP software to make payroll a breeze. Employees can use our mobile app to clock in and out every day, and they can assign their hours to specific projects or tasks. Then, supervisors can review and approve employee time cards from their computer, seeing exactly where hours were worked every day.

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I know some folks that have to use three systems to track work hours. T3 does it all in one system.
Kale Dempsey
Little Dixie Construction
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Use our road- and driver-facing cameras to coach your drivers and review incidents that have occurred while they are behind the wheel. We also offer AI-enabled jobsite cameras that allow you to monitor your projects 24/7 and track the people who enter and exit the premises each day.

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Just a few days after installing our dashcams, one of our drivers was in an accident where the other party claimed we were at fault. Our video footage clearly showed the other driver turning in front of our driver and cutting them off. It would be much more difficult to defend ourselves if we didn't have these cameras!
Carlos Torres
Branch Manager, EquipmentShare Newark
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Real-Time Alerts

Use T3 Fleet to get real-time alerts via text or email when your operators are speeding or using machines outside of working hours. You can also draw a geofence around your active jobsites to receive curated alerts and insights about the people and assets working on specific projects.

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Cloud-Connected Keypads

Create unique access codes for your rented assets to ensure only your operators are using them. Then, build keypad utilization reports in T3 Fleet to learn who is using your equipment, when they’re using it, how long they’re using it and countless other usage details.

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I’d bet microtheft happens 1,000-times more often than the total theft of a machine, and it’s why 100% of my company’s fleet is now connected to EquipmentShare’s ecosystem.
Bartley Stevenson
Owner, Milam Excavating Corporation
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T3 Work Orders

Our Work Orders app can serve as your service team’s productivity hub. It syncs to T3 Time Cards, which means your mechanics can clock in and out of their work orders and assign their hours to specific tasks. Your company can get a precise breakdown of every technician’s daily work and insight into who contributed to each work order.

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By integrating Time Cards with Work Orders, we can see exactly how long it takes our mechanics to make repairs. We can see who is working efficiently and who is wasting time — and we can also easily identify machines that are breaking down too often. Together, these systems show us the true cost of labor for every unit in our fleet, which is something we were never able to calculate in the past.
Ronnie PItts
Lindamood Demolition
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T3 E-Logs

Our E-Logs app can automatically record your drivers’ hours and create time cards, daily logs and eRODS. Drivers can clock in and out of their trips and monitor their time behind the wheel from their mobile phone, and administrators can use E-Logs in conjunction with T3 Time Cards to review and approve timesheets in one place.

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At our company holiday parties, I tell my employees’ wives and husbands that I am doing my best to keep their loved ones safe. EquipmentShare helps me do that. With solutions like keypads and E-Logs, I can ensure only the people with proper access and abilities can operate machines and vehicles. It continuously keeps you in compliance.
Bartley Stevenson
Owner, Milam Excavating Corporation