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Safety and Security Solutions

Keep your workers and equipment out of harm’s way

Reducing Theft and Preventing Accidents

The last time a theft or injury occurred on your jobsite, were you able to identify exactly how and why it happened? Contractors are often left dealing with insurance claims and paying workers’ compensation without any visibility into the root cause of these common problems.

We offer a wide range of safety and security solutions to help you protect your assets and avoid the high costs of accidents, injuries, insurance claims and stolen equipment.

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The Problem: After-Hours Access and Untrained Workers

Technology can mitigate risk on the jobsite to help contractors and construction firms like yours save money on workers' compensation costs. Read a study from the Center for Construction Research and Training to learn more about OSHA's enforcement on workers' compensation in construction.
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In construction, nearly 4% of all employer compensation costs were spent on workers' compensation — more than double the average costs for employers in all industries.
Center for Construction Research and Training

Gain control over your workplace safety and jobsite security

Solutions that Give Risk the Boot

We offer a wide range of safety and security solutions to help you protect your assets and avoid the high costs of accidents, injuries, insurance claims and stolen equipment.

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Vehicle and Jobsite Cameras

EquipmentShare offers both vehicle cameras and jobsite cameras to help keep your team safe and your assets secure. Our vehicle cameras allow you to review incidents and accidents that occur on the road, and our AI-powered jobsite cameras allow you to monitor your projects 24/7. They can send you alerts if they detect anything abnormal — such as theft or fire — and they can also notify you when workers are not wearing proper PPE on the jobsite.

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Just a few days after installing our dashcams, one of our drivers was in an accident where the other party claimed we were at fault. Our video footage clearly showed the other driver turning in front of our driver and cutting them off. It would be much more difficult to defend ourselves if we didn't have these cameras!
Carlos Torres
Branch Manager, EquipmentShare Newark
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Cloud-Connected Keypads

A wide variety of equipment in our rental fleet is outfitted with cloud-connected keypads to help prevent theft and accidents. Log into T3 Fleet to set an access code for your team. Then, enhance safety on the jobsite by assigning unique codes to machines that require specialized operators. From there, use our reporting tools to see who’s using your equipment, when they’re using it, how long they’re using it for and other details.

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I’d bet microtheft happens 1,000-times more often than the total theft of a machine, and it’s why 100% of my company’s fleet is now connected to EquipmentShare’s ecosystem.
Bartley Stevenson
Owner, Milam Excavating Corporation
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Maintenance Alerts

Routine maintenance is crucial to achieving jobsite safety. T3 Fleet can send you real-time alerts when your machines are approaching service intervals or showing signs of potentially dangerous maintenance issues. Keep your operators out of harm’s way by removing unsafe vehicles from the jobsite and being proactive about maintenance.

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Draw a geofence around your active jobsites as an extra layer of defense against machine misuse and theft. Create customized alerts for the assets located within each boundary, and receive a notification when a machine exits a geofence or is being operated outside of regular working hours. Then, open our Fleet app to track its GPS location in real time.

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Outside of EquipmentShare, we have not found anything that allows us to view our rentals, fleet, GPS, geofencing and time tracking all in one place. The geofencing they offer is by far the best we’ve ever seen. My wife who works for a civil contractor has to use three systems to track work hours. EquipmentShare’s technology and platform does it all in one system.
Kale Dempsey
Little Dixie Construction, Columbia, MO
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T3 E-Logs is more than a compliance app. It also helps keep your drivers safe on the road. It can send a notification to their mobile phone as they approach their daily driving limit, helping your company avoid accidents that stem from tired driving.

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It’s the first time I’ve ever had anything stolen that we recovered the same day. My shop guys and EquipmentShare, they saved (us) probably $200,000 worth of equipment. It’s more than just the $200,000 that’s gone. It’s that we have no revenue to come back in. We can’t do the job. So, getting that back in a timely fashion is the key.
Aaron Miller
Shop Manager, Capital Construction, Linn Creek, MO

EquipmentShare Helped Us Recover $200k of stolen equipment