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Telematics and Construction


Construction Fleet Telematics

Telematics is more than a buzzword. It’s often the first leap construction companies take into the digital space to gain a better understanding of their fleet’s performance.

EquipmentShare’s T3 telematics solutions and apps go beyond vehicle tracking. We also use hardware like cameras, cloud-connected keypads and bluetooth nodes to connect data from every vertical of your jobsite, allowing you to manage your assets, people and materials from our easy-to-use platform.

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Gain visibility, control, and productivity

Powerful Hardware = Powerful Connectivity

No matter the make, model or class of your machine, our technology can digitize and track it. Our hardware connects to trailers, trucks, heavy equipment, valuable small tools, buckets and attachments, Conex boxes and fuel pumps and pulls the data together into one single platform, T3.

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T3 helps contractors and construction companies

Telematics Connects Data to Improve Efficiency and Reduce Downtime

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Improve utilization

T3 Fleet shows you exactly where and how each piece of equipment in your fleet is being used. This doesn’t just make dispatching easier, but it also helps you identify redundant equipment that could be sold or off rented. Plus, you can use your telematics data to build utilization reports and gain visibility into how you are managing your assets.

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Reduce downtime

Telematics data can help you avoid critical and costly maintenance issues. Log into T3 Fleet to see any machine’s current health, work orders, and service status, and receive customizable real-time maintenance alerts via email or text to help you catch problems before they lead to breakdowns.

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Enhance safety and security

Through telematics, you can prevent theft, reduce jobsite accidents and keep tabs on who is using your equipment. Cloud-connected keypads, for example, can protect your rental assets from unauthorized use. And jobsite cameras sync to our T3 platform, allowing you to monitor your projects and review accident footage from afar.

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Boost compliance

T3 E-Logs, our ELD-compliance solution, can help you ensure that your drivers and jobsites remain compliant — and that your company avoids costly fines and penalties. Using telematics, this app can automatically record your drivers’ hours and create daily logs and eRODS. Drivers can pull up these documents on their phone within seconds, and administrators can find them with ease from their computer.

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Save money

At the end of the day, all of these perks combine to save you money. When you use telematics to increase your fleet utilization, decrease your downtime, improve compliance and avoid costly accidents, you boost your bottom line. Plus, when you can track your people, assets and materials with precision, you gain a better understanding of your overhead and can generate more competitive bids — which means more money in your pocket.

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Minimize clerical work

An often overlooked benefit of telematics in construction is the reduction of behind-the-scenes office work. For example, T3 Time Cards, our employee time tracking solution, digitizes your company’s timesheets and can sync to your ERP software. This means your accountants and HR team can spend less time reconciling timesheets and more time focusing on other tasks.

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