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Replace Paper Punch Cards

A Fully Integrated Time Card Solution

T3 Time Cards gives you complete visibility into the hours your team works on every project and can sync to your ERP software to make payroll a breeze. Employees can use our mobile app to clock in and out every day, and they can assign their hours to specific projects or tasks. Then, supervisors can review and approve employee time cards from their computer, seeing exactly where hours were worked every day.

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Employees can use our mobile app to clock in, clock out and record breaks.
As they work, they can assign their hours to specific projects or tasks, such as a geofenced jobsite or a work order for service.
Supervisors can review, edit, approve and export employee time cards from their computer.
Supervisors see exactly where hours are worked every day and assign schedules inside our platform.
Enhance Visibility

See where your staff is located when they are on-the-clock; view overtime hours and keep tabs on your business's labor force through versatile, powerful tracking hardware.

Control Costs

Reconcile job costs with recorded hours; manage overtime requests; approve time cards.

Increase Productivity

Save time by ensuring your jobs are fully staffed before they start; monitor time spent on service events and approve time cards from the app.

Pitch Pen & Paper

Replace your punch cards with a digital solution that is accessible and accurate.

The Problem: connecting Timesheets With Tasks

"T3's Time Cards solution is very simple to use and ten times more efficient than any other product out there. By integrating Time Cards with T3's Work Orders solution, we can see exactly how long it takes our mechanics to make repairs. We can see who is working efficiently and who is wasting time. Together, these systems show us the true cost of labor for every unit in our fleet, which is something we were never able to calculate in the past."
Ronnie Pitts
Lindamood Demolition

How it tackles time tracking problems

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Time Cards Features

Work Hours

Comprehensively manage, approve and export employee work hours.

Employee Group

View employees by group or branch. Create a list of employee hours for a reporting period to accurately track labor costs and make better business decisions.

Individual Timesheets

View an employee’s timesheet by selecting their name and date of the entry. Make adjustments to start and end times, assigned work order or job.

Efficient Approvals

Stay on top of reviewed hours by checking them as “approved.”


Instantly export all of your employees' hours via email in a payroll processing compliant file to ensure your workers are accurately paid on time.

Visible People Progress

Time TRacking Made Easy

One System to View Labor Productivity

Streamline service time tracking

Most time card solutions do not allow employees to assign their hours to projects or tasks. Instead, you would need to invest in a second time tracking system to capture task data, and employees would need to clock in and out of two separate platforms all day long. T3 Time Cards does it all. It generates time cards and can show you how your team moves around jobsites, utilizes equipment, interacts with service tickets and more.
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EquipmentShare’s Time Cards solution is very simple to use and ten times more efficient than any other product out there. Our entire service team got up and running on it in no time. In the past, our mechanics would log their hours on paper and estimate how long they worked on each piece of equipment.
Ronnie Pitts
Lindamood Demolition, Irving, TX

Syncs easily with Other Systems

Payroll integration

Time Cards can sync with most ERPs and payroll processing platforms. Our team will work with you during the onboarding process to ensure you can easily transfer employee time cards into your ERP and pay your workers.
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Track time and log road hours in one place

ELD compliance

T3 Time Cards and T3 E-Logs work in tandem to keep your company compliant. Your drivers can use the E-Logs app to clock in and out of their trips, which will automatically create an ELD-compliant log and an employee time card in our system.
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One Solution to View Job Costing Information

Accuracy and transparency

When you know exactly how your team is spending its time, you can better understand how much your projects actually cost your company. This helps you improve the accuracy of your bids and timelines — and maximize your bottom line.
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I know some folks that have to use three systems to track work hours. T3 does it all in one system.
Kale Dempsey
Little Dixie Construction, Columbia, MO

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