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Telematics Hardware


Connect construction assets to T3

When you connect telematics hardware to your assets, you unlock billions of data points that paint a picture of your construction company’s performance. Our powerful hardware, which includes machine trackers, Bluetooth tags for construction valuables, jobsite and vehicle dash cameras and cloud-connected keypads, pulls information from asset, people and material workflows into T3 -- the operating system for construction. Get digitized and build with control. 

Our installation technicians are dedicated to helping you get your equipment connected to T3 — and thanks to our national footprint, they are always nearby to quickly respond to questions and troubleshoot issues.

Connected Hardware that Works Around the Clock
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Machine Tracking Hardware

No matter the make, model or class of your asset, our machine tracking hardware can connect to your trailers, trucks and heavy equipment. This hardware pulls your machine data into T3, allowing you to track your entire mixed fleet from one platform. Monitor every machine’s GPS location, maintenance status, and more while also improving safety and security and compliance on your jobsites. Plus, EquipmentShare’s rental fleet is equipped with T3 technology, helping you gain control of your rental spend and experience.

Learn more about some of our machine tracking hardware:

Bluetooth Tags for Tools and Accessories

Effective fleet management goes beyond tracking your heavy machinery. It also means monitoring your smaller items — like tools, buckets, attachments and implements.

Learn more about Bluetooth tags for tools and accessories, and check out a few of our Bluetooth tags:

Vehicle Cameras

T3’s camera solutions use cloud technology to sync to our T3 Fleet app, allowing you to watch live and archived footage on your computer or mobile device any time. Our road- and driver-facing cameras can be installed on almost any vehicle. You can use them to coach your drivers and review incidents that have occurred while they are behind the wheel.

Learn more about the XIRGOCAM vehicle camera:

Smart Jobsite Cameras

We partner with other innovative companies like Forsight to bring next generation advancements to the industry. Forsight uses cutting-edge AI vision technology to solve some of the construction industry's greatest safety and security challenges by developing camera solutions for the dynamic built environment.


Our cloud-connected keypads replace universal keys for your rented machines. A wide variety of equipment in our rental fleet is outfitted with our keypads to enhance security and safety on the jobsite. But beyond that, they also help you save money, reduce waste and track your equipment usage at every construction project.