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Track and manage your repairs and maintenance teams

Digitize Service Workflows

T3 Work Orders streamlines and simplifies your fleet’s service needs into one centralized hub. Ditch your paper-based processes for a digital maintenance experience that reduces your diagnostic time, speeds up your service, helps you avoid downtime and saves you money.

How T3 Work Orders Tackles Service
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Enhance Visibility

See every machine’s GPS location, performance data and machine health in real time. Work Orders are easy to create and simple to review.

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Control Costs

Save time and money spent hunting down diagnostic information and workflows. Work Orders captures information on labor, parts, service history and more, creating a digital dashboard for each machine.

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Increase Productivity

Diagnose issues, create service plans and manage each maintenance intervention from afar. And once your technicians arrive at the jobsite, they are already armed with the insights they need to make repairs and minimize your downtime.

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Pitch Pen & Paper

Work Orders replaces phone calls and mountains of paperwork. All communication can be done digitally, allowing you to streamline your processes, reduce misunderstandings and track each work order’s status.

The problem: Slow service

The longer it takes to repair a machine, the less productivity you see on your projects. With T3 Work Orders, there are four easy steps to streamline service:

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Step 1

Your operator opens up the app and creates a work order within minutes to seconds.

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Step 2

Then, at the shop, your service manager reviews the work order and assigns it to a technician…

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Step 3

...who receives a push notification on their mobile phone that provides all the details: where the asset is located, why it requires service and what exactly needs to be done.

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Step 4

The technician then uses GPS technology to find the machine, and they follow an inspection checklist in our mobile app to get it back up and running.

A Fully Integrated Service Solution

Work Orders App Features

Service Dashboard

View important metrics about the performance of your service department and your fleet via a purpose-built dashboard.

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Work Orders Management

Manage your work orders across one or multiple branches, with the ability to assign technicians, add work order tags, and much more, in order to streamline your department’s workload.

Fleet Work Orders Screen

Work Orders Workflow

Technicians and managers can easily complete work orders through a simple interface that allows for sharing photos, files, and notes.

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Preventative Maintenance Management

New equipment doesn’t stay new if you don’t perform vital routine maintenance. Use T3’s preventative maintenance tracking system to make sure your fleet’s service is up-to-date.

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Task Lists

Take the guesswork out of inspections and preventative maintenance with T3 task lists. Not familiar with a certain make and model of equipment? Or, do you want to simply add a level of consistency? T3 task lists will help.

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Benefits of 21st Century Maintenance Technology

Service on a Screen

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Digitized communication and status tracking

All service and maintenance regarding communication and coordination can be done digitally.  Work Orders also captures notes, photos and workflows — serving as the central communications hub for team members.

Rapid response

Every minute matters when a machine breaks down. Work Orders adds speed and efficiency to your service calls. Gone are the days of driving to the wrong jobsite and performing an oil change on the wrong skid steer. Instead, your service team can use GPS tracking technology to know exactly where to find each asset. Your technicians will always know where they’re going and what they’re doing when they use our system.
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Fleet Service inspections list.

Service checklists

Your service team can create inspection checklists for each work order so mechanics won’t need to guess what needs to be done. Work Orders ensures that every step of each job is thoroughly completed before your machine goes back into the field to help you avoid additional downtime in the future.

Detailed machine documentation

Our technology platform documents every detail of every machine’s service history, from routine maintenance to one-off repairs. This invaluable information is automatically stored in our system, and your service team can easily reference it when planning maintenance interventions and making repairs. This information is also handy if you are selling your machine because its history is completely visible, as is its value.
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Data-driven preventive maintenance

Mistakes happen, so instead of relying on humans to accurately track each machine’s hours and miles, our Work Orders system does it for you. We will automatically create work orders for your team when machines are approaching usage thresholds, such as elapsed engine hours. Plus, if you are a rental customer or use EquipmentShare as your service provider, our system can automatically generate work orders when it detects an impending maintenance issue. EquipmentShare’s data scientists have built preventive maintenance models that predict when certain problems are on the horizon, allowing you to add proactivity to your preventive maintenance protocols.

Parts inventory integration

Work Orders and our inventory management system work hand in hand. When parts are assigned to a work order, they are automatically deducted from your inventory, helping you keep close tabs on your stock and ensure your technicians always have the materials they need to get the job done.
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Fleet service time tracking on a smart phone.

Service time tracking

Work Orders syncs to T3 Time Cards, which means your service team can clock in and out of their work orders and assign their hours to specific tasks. Service managers get a precise breakdown of every technician’s daily work and insight into who contributed to each work order.
Learn more About Time Cards

Manage warranties

Set parameters and geofences around your project, facility or warehouse, or track an expensive attachment or implement to save money on replacements and repairs.

Powerful Hardware = Powerful Connectivity

No matter the make, model or class of your machine, our technology can digitize and track it. Our hardware connects to trailers, trucks, heavy equipment, valuable small tools, buckets and attachments, Conex boxes and fuel pumps and pulls the data together into one single platform, T3.

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T3 tracker.

Stop Chasing Down Service Information with T3

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T3 provides better visibility on the work started to the work completed, including record keeping and from a risk and safety management perspective, their technology helps us check off multiple boxes.
Patrick Leis
Director of Logistics Operations, JE Dunn, Kansas City, MO

Integration with T3 Time Cards

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By integrating Time Cards with Work Orders, we can see exactly how long it takes our mechanics to make repairs. We can see who is working efficiently and who is wasting time — and we can also easily identify machines that are breaking down too often. Together, these systems show us the true cost of labor for every unit in our fleet, which is something we were never able to calculate in the past.
Ronnie Pitts
Lindamood Demolition, Irving, TX

T3 Provides Vehicle History at Your Fingertips

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When I look to buy equipment, I want all of the data and vehicle history. With EquipmentShare’s technology, that information is intact so I know exactly what I am getting into when I purchase the machine. There are no hidden problems and you can’t dress up a lemon as anything other than a lemon.
Bartley Stevenson
Owner of Milam Excavating Corp, Columbia, MO
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