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Track Your Fleet

GPS Tracking

“Where’s my equipment?”
It’s the age-old question from contractors and fleet managers and administrators alike. Your fleet is spread across numerous jobsites and projects in various cities and states. Keeping track of each machine can feel like a full-time job in itself — until now.

Start tracking equipment

Monitor and track every machine’s GPS location with our GPS tracking technology. We use durable machine hardware that runs on vehicles, heavy equipment, trailers and more, regardless of the make or model, so you can see the location of your assets from your mobile device or desktop computer, no matter where you are located. Our technology can track and digitize data from your entire mixed fleet — including rented and owned machines — from one single platform so you can finally figure out where your equipment is located.

The Problem: Stolen Equipment

The National Equipment Register (NER) estimates the value of construction equipment stolen each year is somewhere between $300 million to $1 billion, and less than 25% of stolen equipment is recovered each year. You can save on replacement costs and insurance premiums by tracking — and recovering — your stolen equipment with our GPS tracking technology.


Track your assets from anywhere.

Our GPS tracking technology gives your team the power to track and monitor any machine’s GPS location. Make sure your assets are where they’re supposed to be and recover stolen machines to save on replacement costs and insurance premiums.

Our customer recovered $200,000 worth of stolen equipment the same day it went missing using our GPS technology. Read their story.

With EquipmentShare’s GPS Tracking Technology, you can:

Get real-time location visibility:

Log into our platform and instantly see your assets and their GPS location on a map from your mobile device or desktop computer. No matter where you are, you can keep an eye on your fleet in real time to improve efficiencies and communicate with the rest of your team.

Access trip history:

Our system is able to record location data every time your machines are in motion to help you see where your fleet has been — and where it is going — with up-to-the-minute accuracy. Pull trip data to plan more efficient routes and curb unnecessary travel.

Recover stolen assets:

Use our GPS technology to track your stolen asset’s GPS journey on a map, and bolster your machine security with EquipmentShare’s cloud-connected keypads. Keypads replace the universal key, keep untrained or unauthorized operators out of the cab and communicate with T3 Fleet cloud technology in real time to steadily inform you of your machine’s location so you can find it and get back to work.

Streamline communication:

A downed machine can stop work for hours — especially if your service team can’t locate the asset to repair it ASAP. Quickly locate downed machines with GPS tracking technology to get your fleet back up and running.


Gain Complete Control Over Your Fleet with EquipmentShare Track.

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Cloud-Connected Keypads

Prevent unauthorized use and tell you who’s using equipment and when.

digital work orders icon

Digital Work Orders

Eliminate communication issues with technicians by using digital work orders.

driver scorecard icon

Driver Scorecards

Safety starts with responsible driving. Responsible driving starts with EquipmentShare Track.

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E-Log Reporting

E-Logs simplify ELD compliance, prevent violations and increase safety with detailed, accessible digital reports.

equipment usage reports icon

Equipment Usage Reports

Understand the performance of every asset you own.

geofenceing icon


Set physical boundaries around equipment yards or jobsites.

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GPS Tracking

Locate drivers, reroute around traffic and boost overall efficiency.

ifta reporting icon

IFTA Reporting

IFTA compliance doesn’t have to be a hassle.

maintenance tracking icon

Maintenance Tracking

EquipmentShare Track makes it easy to maintain and service everything in your fleet.

vehicle diagnostics icon

Vehicle Diagnostics

Don’t get blindsided by breakdowns — fix problems before they happen.

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Tag Equipment Attachments

Stay organized and minimize losses. Monitor buckets and attachments across the jobsite.


Time Cards

Time Cards make it easy to clock in and out and track work. 


Start making better decisions for your business and take back control of your fleet.

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