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Set physical boundaries around equipment yards or jobsites.

Geofencing is a location-based service that used GPS or RFID to trigger a pre-programmed action when a marked item crosses a physical boundary. In the construction industry, this has many uses, including setting physical boundaries around equipment yards or jobsites.

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Improve security.

If thieves try to make off with your equipment, you’ll be notified immediately. Send alerts to your mobile device or tablet, so you can alert law enforcement right away. Set it around your lot, a repair shop or jobsite and rest easy knowing your assets aren’t going anywhere.

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Minimize waste.

Geofencing lets you maximize efficiency in several ways. For one thing, it prevents operators from taking unauthorized detours outside of approved areas. Additionally, by tying in delivery trucks to geofences, you can have the necessary staff and equipment on hand to facilitate quick unloading. That means less down time waiting around for a truck that might be stuck in traffic, and more productivity.

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Bill more accurately.

With geofences, a rough estimate about how long an asset was on a jobsite isn’t good enough. You can calculate down to the minute just how long every asset was in use, which means more accurate billing, more competitive bids and a stronger bottom line.

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Identify underutilization.

Track’s geofencing tool shows which assets aren’t being used enough to justify their upkeep. You can track which assets are spending a lot of time being repaired, which ones rarely leave your lot, and which ones are not used at all. Then you can make an informed decision about what to keep, what to sell and what to rent out.

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More features to help your operation.

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Maintenance Tracking

Track makes it easy to maintain and service everything in your fleet.

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GPS Tracking

Locate drivers, reroute around traffic and boost overall efficiency.

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IFTA Reporting

IFTA compliance doesn’t have to be a hassle. Track all fuel usage and mileage.

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Vehicle Diagnostics

Don’t get blindsided by breakdowns — fix problems before they happen.


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