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Missouri-made Company EquipmentShare Hosts Grand Opening Ceremony For New Branch In Cape Girardeau

March 2, 2023

Cape Girardeau grand opening.

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. — EquipmentShare, a nationwide construction equipment and technology solutions company, joined county officials from the Cape Girardeau Area Chamber of Commerce, the Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce and members of the Cape Girardeau business community to announce a new location and cut the ribbon on Thursday, March 2. The branch is serving local contractors and has brought well-paying jobs to the area.

Founded in 2014 and incorporated in 2015, the company now has more than 160 branches around the country. EquipmentShare has proven to be a unicorn in the construction technology industry by creating the operating system for construction with T3 — its proprietary technology. T3 was created to reduce theft on the jobsite, increase safety in a dangerous industry and help maintain machines so they are working when contractors need them. EquipmentShare’s technology is creating a rental experience like no other. EquipmentShare is excited to deepen its roots in its home state.

“We could have started our business anywhere, but we know the kind of workforce and work ethic you get in the state of Missouri. We’ve come so far in the last eight years, and it’s because of the people we hire. Cape Girardeau is the perfect place to continue our growth, and it’s even better because it’s in our home state,” said Jabbok Schlacks, CEO.

“This is great news for our community and the dozens of families who will benefit from these new tech-enabled jobs. We are proud to have attracted such a forward-thinking company and know we have the high-quality workforce right here in southeast Missouri who will help it build the future of construction,” said Rob Gilligan, president/CEO of the Cape Girardeau Area Chamber of Commerce.

The branch is home to full-service rental operations for the Cape Girardeau community and has created 10 new jobs, with the intent of adding roughly 10 more. EquipmentShare is actively recruiting for positions that span a number of fields, including technicians (mechanics), drivers, sales representatives and more. Click here for our Careers page and select Cape Girardeau, Mo., in the “filter by location” dropdown menu.

“The addition of 20 well-paying jobs with starting salaries above the regional average is a boost to our economy as these households buy vehicles, pay mortgages and shop at local businesses,” said Gilligan.

EquipmentShare is dedicated to building up the communities it serves. In addition to the ribbon-cutting, EquipmentShare presented a check of $2,500 to Cape Girardeau’s One City. One City works to make Cape Girardeau an even better place to live, work and improve the socioeconomic standing of families in the community. This donation aligns with EquipmentShare’s commitment to become part of the communities it inhabits and to continually give back to its neighbors.

“I’m so honored and excited to represent EquipmentShare in the Cape Girardeau community because I’ve grown up here, I’m raising my family here and it’s home. I want us to invest in this community and become an integral part of the construction and industrial infrastructure. I’m proud of what we’re building and look forward to seeing EquipmentShare become a pillar in the region,” said Jordan Carver, Cape Girardeau general manager.

“We are beyond excited to have this company that is on an upward trajectory choose our community to grow its business. EquipmentShare understands what it takes to create strong, local relationships — both by creating a work environment for employees as well as investing in its community through efforts like giving back. This is an excellent example of how a business puts skin in the game and serves its community,” said Brian Gerau, president of the Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce.

About EquipmentShare

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Columbia, Mo., EquipmentShare is a nationwide construction technology and equipment solutions provider dedicated to transforming the construction industry through innovative tools, platforms and data-driven insights. By empowering contractors, builders and equipment owners with its proprietary technology, T3, EquipmentShare aims to drive productivity, efficiency and collaboration across the construction sector. With a comprehensive suite of solutions that includes a fleet management platform, telematics devices and a best-in-class equipment rental marketplace, EquipmentShare continues to lead the industry in building the future of construction.