Air Handler
Air Handler 140 Ton Vertical

Air Handler 140 Ton Vertical

Equipment Details:

Rent the 140 Ton Vertical Air Handler from EquipmentShare, designed to deliver exceptional air distribution and climate control in large-scale environments. Ideal for integration with chiller systems in commercial buildings, industrial facilities, or event spaces, this vertical air handler ensures optimal airflow and temperature uniformity across extensive areas. Its compact vertical design maximizes space efficiency, making it suitable for areas where footprint is a concern. By choosing EquipmentShare, you're selecting a partner committed to providing top-tier, reliable climate control solutions. Opt for our 140 Ton Vertical Air Handler for advanced air management and comfort in your large-scale projects.

Additional Specs

Equipment Make CAPS
Model Number PAHV-140TC-0NN0NN-5E5-P2-VG2CEUP
Cooling Capacity 140 Ton
Horsepower 18,000 CFM
Power 460V / 3PH / 60HZ
FLA Cooling 52A
Dimensions 98"/50"/101"
Weight (lbs) 4,200 lbs
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