Air Handler
Air Handler 35 Ton Portable

Air Handler 35 Ton Portable

Equipment Details:

Rent the 35 Ton Portable Air Handler from EquipmentShare, your solution for versatile air distribution and climate control in a range of settings. This portable unit is perfect for temporary events, construction sites, or any location needing immediate air management improvements. Its mobility allows for easy relocation and adjustment to meet the specific needs of your space, ensuring efficient airflow and optimal temperature control. EquipmentShare offers this high-quality, flexible option for those who require reliable climate control without the permanence of a fixed system. Choose the 35 Ton Portable Air Handler for effective, adaptable air management wherever you need it.

Additional Specs

Equipment Make Smartech
Model Number SMTAH1D030HQ
Cooling Capacity 35 Ton
Horsepower 5,000 CFM
Power 460V / 3PH / 60HZ
FLA Cooling 24A
Dimensions 98"/35"/78.75"
Weight (lbs) 2,000 lbs
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