Direct Fired Heater
Direct Fired 175k BTU (K/DSL) Heater

Direct Fired 175k BTU (K/DSL) Heater

Equipment Details:

Rent the Direct Fired 175k BTU (K/DSL) Heater from EquipmentShare, the ideal solution for delivering targeted heat to mid-sized areas. This powerful heater operates on Kerosene (K) or Diesel (DSL), providing a robust 175,000 BTUs of heat, suitable for workshops, warehouses, or outdoor spaces requiring efficient and rapid warming. Its direct-fired mechanism ensures high heat efficiency, directly transferring warmth to the environment without energy waste. With EquipmentShare, you access dependable heating solutions that cater to diverse needs and conditions. Opt for our Direct Fired 175k BTU Heater for consistent, efficient heating powered by the convenience of Kerosene or Diesel.

Additional Specs

Equipment Make LB WHITE
Model Number Tradesman K175
Horsepower 600 CFM
Dimensions 41.8"/23.1"/26.1"
Weight (lbs) 71 lbs
Models and specifications on this page are representative and may vary.

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