Mini Excavator
Mini Excavator 7,000 - 9,000 lbs

Mini Excavator 7,000 - 9,000 lbs

Equipment Details:

Renting mini excavators is a perfect option on smaller work projects that require heavy digging capacity. For example, this particular mini excavator available for rent is well equipped for tasks such as making trenches. Many applications of construction work require the use of excavators. They feature in infrastructural repair projects to uncover pipelines and supports. Private sector construction uses excavators such as this to unearth space for foundations. Thanks to its sturdy design and powerful digging arm, this mini excavator can adapt to the needs of any work site.

Additional Specs

Equipment Make SANY
Model Number SY35U
Max Depth 10 ft 2 in
Operating weight (lbs) 8,499 lbs
Horsepower (hp) 24.4
Models and specifications on this page are representative and may vary.

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