Pallet Forks 48, CTL

Equipment Details:

Pallet forks are a durable attachment for skid steers and track loaders intended to fit standard dimensions for wooden shipping pallets. The 48” pallet forks for rent fit one of the more universal pallet sizes. This simplifies the logistics at the shipping yards and warehouses where these pallets are most frequently in use. Additionally, renting 48” pallet forks is even easier for loader workflow since they are designed to be easily attachable. Their sturdy construction and solid framing allow them to support thousands of pounds of weight with ease. Much like other skid steer and track loader attachments, 48” pallet forks simplify their designated task so more time can be allocated elsewhere on a work site.

Additional Specs

Equipment Make PALADIN
Model Number 48 Pallet Fork PALADIN
Capacity 4,400 lbs
Operating Weight 380 lbs
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