Vertical Mast Lift
Pusharound Vertical Mast Lift, 30'

Pusharound Vertical Mast Lift, 30'

Equipment Details:

The vertical mast lift is a compact and portable-single person aerial work platform designed to be manually pushed and positioned. Our single-operator vertical mast lifts extend to up to 30 feet in height. This is more than enough access for most warehousing needs. Renting a vertical mast lift is an excellent choice if you require machinery for transporting stock between inaccessible shelves, transporting items across a large indoor distance, or performing routine maintenance in high places. Additionally, their low weight makes it possible to transport them through elevators and small doors.This model extends to a maximum of 30 feet high. 

Additional Specs

Equipment Make GENIE
Model Number AWP-30S
Max Working Height 35 ft 6 in
Capacity 360 lbs
Operating Weight 777 lbs
Models and specifications on this page are representative and may vary.

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