Single Drum Roller
Ride-On Single Drum Roller, 10 - 12 Ton, 84 Width

Ride-On Single Drum Roller, 10 - 12 Ton, 84 Width

Equipment Details:

Explore EquipmentShare's padfoot ride-on single drum roller for your construction needs. This robust tool is essential for tackling challenging soil compaction tasks, particularly suitable for projects that involve cohesive or semi-cohesive materials like clay and silt. Unlike smooth drum rollers, the padfoot roller features protrusions on the drum to achieve greater compaction depth and density, making it ideal for road construction and embankment projects. It excels in providing efficient compaction on a variety of soil types, with its design ensuring superior maneuverability and gradability even in demanding terrain. Choose our ride-on padfoot single drum roller for your next construction project to ensure deep and effective soil compaction.

Additional Specs

Equipment Make DYNAPAC
Model Number CA2500D
Weight (lbs) 22,266 lbs
Compaction Drum Width 84 in
Drum Diameter 59 in
Models and specifications on this page are representative and may vary.

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