Telescopic Boom Lift
Telescopic Boom Lift, 60' IC

Telescopic Boom Lift, 60' IC

Equipment Details:

Telescopic boom lifts are a reliable lift option for work that requires horizontal access. They are often employed in outdoor work due to their size. Telescopic boom lifts for rent come in a range of heights. This model has a 60’ maximum height, making it a useful tool across several industries. It can reach elevated work tasks from power line maintenance to building repair. The extending mast and wheeled base allow operators to reach locations that could be dangerous to access with other equipment. This is one of many reasons why it is advantageous to rent telescopic boom lifts.

Additional Specs

Equipment Make JLG
Model Number 600S
Max Working Height 66 ft
Capacity Restricted: 1000 lb / 453.59 kg Unrestricted: 600 lb
Deck Size 3 ft X 8 ft
Horizontal Reach 50 ft 2 in
Weight (lbs) 22,700 lbs
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