Compact Track Loader
Track Skid Loader 3,100 - 3,400 Lbs ROC

Track Skid Loader 3,100 - 3,400 Lbs ROC

Equipment Details:

Track loaders and skid steers are some of the most common choices for rented construction vehicles. This is thanks to their maneuverability, small size, and replaceable arm equipment. You can add a lot of utility to your work sites if you rent a track skid loader. For outdoor work in adverse terrain, a track loader works best. Its tracks make soft ground and mud trivial. Skid steers are best suited for solid ground since they can travel faster with more precision. This track skid loader for rent can lift over one and a half tons of materials safely. This is ideal for work sites that require frequent, precise hauling.

Additional Specs

Model Number T740 TL12R2-CR
Operating weight (lbs) 10,127 lbs N/A
Break out force (lbs) Lift: 6,994 Tilt : 6,496 N/A
Horsepower/gross power 74 N/A
Tipping Load (lbs) 8857 N/A
Max Reach 2.8 ft N/A
Weight (lbs) N/A 12,650 lbs
Capacity N/A 2,975 lbs
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