Utility Vehicle
Utility Vehicle 4 - 6 Passenger, Diesel

Utility Vehicle 4 - 6 Passenger, Diesel

Equipment Details:

For versatile transportation of people, cargo, and large equipment, there is no better option than utility vehicles. There are several reasons to rent a utility vehicle. These tough vehicles get the job done whether your priority is worker safety, efficiency in transport, durability, horsepower, or all of the above. Utility vehicles also serve as an electricity source for attachments and devices. They function just as well both in large warehouses and rough outdoor work sites. A capacity of six passengers allows for efficient transportation of personnel no matter the location. Utility vehicles for rent on worksites represent the peak of reliability.

Additional Specs

Equipment Make KUBOTA
Model Number RTV-X1140R-H
Top Speed 25 mph
Seating Capacity 4
Towing Capacity 1,300 lbs
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