Trench Roller
Walk-Behind Trench Roller, 24-34, Pad

Walk-Behind Trench Roller, 24-34, Pad

Equipment Details:

Walk-behind trench rollers, now featuring remote control operation, are an irreplaceable piece of equipment for soil compaction and asphalt smoothing. Any job site that requires flattening the ground for an even, packed result will benefit from renting a walk-behind trench roller. Our walk-behind trench rollers for rent have 24”-34” capacities. Their pad-foot drums transfer energy to soil efficiently. This combined with their ease of use makes them an invaluable addition to a project. Why risk soil erosion, driving mishaps, and unstable construction when you can simply rent a walk-behind trench roller?

Additional Specs

Equipment Make WACKER NEUSON
Model Number RTKx-SC3
Weight (lbs) 3,230 lbs
Models and specifications on this page are representative and may vary.

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