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The coronavirus pandemic has changed how we live, work and travel. We know it's been tough on our customers, but there is good news around the corner as construction activity continues to rebound. To help keep your team safe and productive, EquipmentShare offers a range of contactless rental and fleet management solutions.


Contactless Rentals

The EquipmentShare app makes it simple for you to rent and off-rent equipment without face-to-face interaction. Download it today on your mobile device:

You can also use our website for any of your rental needs, or you can give us a call at (888) 80-RENTS. Our goal is to make your rental and off-rent process simple, convenient and safe.

You can rest assured that every machine returned to our rental yard after a job is thoroughly inspected, cleaned and sanitized. It’s what we have always done and what we will continue to do to ensure rental assets are clean and ready for the next job.

Contactless Operations Management

EquipmentShare also offers an array of contactless construction management tools to help contractors stay safe and improve their businesses:

Time Tracking

Our Time Cards app lets employees clock in and out of work from their own device, eliminating communal clock-in areas and physical time cards.

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Work Orders

Our Work Orders system streamlines, simplifies and digitizes your fleet’s service needs into one centralized hub. Employees can create, review and address work orders from their own devices, making communication faster and low- to no-contact.

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Use our Analytics app to view trip history reports for every asset in your fleet. See which operators are using which machines, and be able to conduct accurate contact tracing if someone on your team gets sick.

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