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Find Your Calling At Equipmentshare In One Of Our Hot Jobs

July 12, 2022

Driver in the cab of a truck

EquipmentShare is building the future of construction and rapidly expanding the team we need to accomplish that mission. With more than 120 locations across the country, including our Columbia, Mo. home office, there are lots of roles to fill. We offer an apprenticeship program to get paid while you learn, college and military internship placements to find what’s the best fit for you, and full-time jobs with amazing perks and benefits once you find your calling.

Find out what brought some of our team members to EquipmentShare and why they love working for us.

Anthony De Vera - Technician, Boise, Idaho

Are you ready to be the hero of the service bay? With our T3 technology you can experience a better way to work when you join our team as a technician like Anthony.

Anthony De Vera

We need technicians who are hungry to learn and ready to jump in. Our technology is OEM-agnostic, meaning it can pull data and information from any piece of equipment out there and make it accessible to our service team and technicians. Combined with this rich library of manuals and data science, our technicians also have access to the latest technology and tools – including diesel laptops for quickly diagnosing and fixing problems.

“Fifty percent of this job will be on a laptop or phone,” Anthony De Vera said. “Out in the field, everything is online. Having access to the technology we have at EquipmentShare is going to bring in the new techs and mechanics. When you come here, you see the difference and how efficient a service shop can be.”

If you love solving problems and don’t like to settle for the way things have “always been done,” — come join our team. We’re a fast-paced, rapidly growing solutions provider that not only puts our customers first, we put our people first.

Lil LeDay - Rental Coordinator, Beaumont, Texas

Rental Coordinators keep everything running smoothly while juggling constantly moving parts.

Lil LeDay standing on a large piece of construction equipment on a worksite.

The rental coordinator is responsible for locating equipment for a customer and then working with dispatch to get the equipment delivered on time and in the right place. Solving problems is an important part of the job. Keeping customers equipped with the right tools and making sure everyone is on the same page is Lil Leday’s forte.

“When finding and sourcing equipment for each customer, my approach is that I'm going to make this happen because the customer is expecting it,” Lil LeDay said.  “That’s the motivation for me to find the equipment and get it to the customer. Once I find it and it’s assigned, I send it to dispatch and we get it out the door. When it all comes together and the problem is solved, that feeling is unbeatable and it’s a natural high for me. I love it.”

AJ Honeycutt - Driver, Birmingham, Alabama

Are you looking for a change from traditional truck driving? Do you want to be home more and travel less? AJ Honeycutt came to us so he could spend more time with his family and less time on the road.

AJ Honeycutt Driving

We are looking for drivers who are skilled and the safest on the road. Our drivers operate out of one market area, which means they’re back home to family most evenings and rarely travel overnight. Our tech solutions, including dash cameras and E-logs, keep our team safe on the road and our best drivers are recognized each quarter.

AJ Honeycutt left another company to focus on driving and found his perfect role with EquipmentShare because of the technology and family-friendly schedule.

“The best part of this job in terms of the technology is the ability to track the equipment,” AJ said. “I’ve hauled equipment for competitors and 99 percent of the time you have to search for that equipment. T3 technology pinpoints and puts us right on top of the equipment so we don’t have to go searching. In the past, I have walked two miles looking for equipment — but never at EquipmentShare, thanks to T3.”

Melissa Fouts - General Manager, Louisville, Kentucky

Is multitasking and thinking “big picture” your strong suit? Can you solve problems on the fly, lead your team and deliver amazing customer service? Each EquipmentShare general manager was born with these skills.

Melissa Fouts

General managers are tasked with building awesome teams and developing amazing people. You’ll coach your team each day to be their best, just like Melissa Fouts at our Louisville branch. Melissa is the leader of the team but never hesitates to turn a wrench in the shop if she’s needed. All hands on deck means ALL hands.

“I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction at the end of the day if I can sit back and say my team fixed problems for our customers today,” Melissa said.

Caroline Kobe - Accounting, Columbia, Missouri

Do you thrive on organization and working with numbers? We bet you have a special love for research and processes. So does Caroline Kobe, senior accountant for EquipmentShare.

Caroline Kobe Headshot

Accounting at EquipmentShare is unlike a traditional accounting role. Rather than operating as a one-man band and crunching numbers in a cubicle all day, our accountants do project-based work with their team and are instrumental in developing processes and procedures for a rapidly growing and expanding company.

“My favorite thing about working at EquipmentShare is that it’s so new and constantly changing and we can build new things from the ground up. Being able to establish our procedures and processes has really been an awesome experience.”

Our accounting positions are ideal for anyone with an organizational brain that likes to see things come together and make sense at the end — and then dive right in on another project.

To find out more about our “Hot Jobs” or other roles, view current openings and apply.

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About EquipmentShare

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Columbia, Mo., EquipmentShare is a nationwide construction technology and equipment solutions provider dedicated to transforming the construction industry through innovative tools, platforms and data-driven insights. By empowering contractors, builders and equipment owners with its proprietary technology, T3, EquipmentShare aims to drive productivity, efficiency and collaboration across the construction sector. With a comprehensive suite of solutions that includes a fleet management platform, telematics devices and a best-in-class equipment rental marketplace, EquipmentShare continues to lead the industry in building the future of construction.