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How Lindamood Demolition Increased its Fleet Utilization by 65% with Our Fleet Tech

March 17, 2021

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Lindamood Demolition’s Fleet Administrator Ronnie Pitts knows you shouldn’t rent equipment if you don’t have to. Instead, he does what any resourceful fleet administrator would do: He uses what he has.

“I want to utilize everything I have in-house before we rent additional equipment,” Pitts says. 

Pitts keeps Lindamood’s own fleet of construction equipment, trucks and trailers maintained and on the right jobsite. But with a fleet of more than 330 assets, that’s no small feat. He uses EquipmentShare’s fleet management technology to accomplish his goals as fleet administrator.

Using our equipment utilization reporting tools to track and monitoring a few key variables across his fleet, Pitts can determine what’s being used, where it’s located and what can be sent to the shop for repairs, cleaning or the next job. 

Pitts increased utilization across his fleet by 65 percent and decreased Lindamood’s rental costs by 25 percent just by studying his equipment utilization reports and monitoring asset GPS location.

He pays special attention to every tracked machine’s run time, idle time, engine health and maintenance thresholds to determine which machines are the most (or least) utilized.

“I have our equipment utilization reports set to run on a 50-hour week,” Pitt says. “Then I have a parameter set to tell me if a machine is used less than 20 percent of that 50-hour week. If it is used less than 20 percent, then it comes to the top of [my equipment utilization report].”

From there, he can determine why the machine isn’t being used frequently. Maybe the machine needs a repair, or it’s ready to be washed and loaded up to a new job. Maybe a superintendent is keeping it on their project to be used again. But if the machine is sitting idle, then Pitts can move it to another job and ensure it’s being used. This helps Lindamood reduce waste, improve productivity and avoid an unnecessary equipment rental expense.

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“The reports help me know when I need to rent,” Pitt says. “With more than 150 pieces of construction equipment in my fleet, there’s gotta be another similar piece to use on a job if that one piece can’t be used. But if they’re all over 80 percent utilized, then that’s when we open the door to rental.” 

Over the past few months, Pitts has seen Lindamood’s rentals drop drastically and watched as the organization’s owned fleet utilization rates increased. 

“It’s because people finally know where their equipment is now,” Pitts adds. “It helps me, and it has definitely helped our company save money and conserve costs. It’s one hell of an asset.”

EquipmentShare technology spans the construction environment from telematics and hardware tech that monitor equipment health to software that can optimize rental utilization to mobile applications that allow team members to clock in and off on the spot.   T3 is the only cloud-based operating system that brings together construction workflows and data from constantly moving elements in one place. T3 can integrate with existing software systems to digitize your manual processes, giving you full visibility over your work throughout the project.

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Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Columbia, Mo., EquipmentShare is a nationwide construction technology and equipment solutions provider dedicated to transforming the construction industry through innovative tools, platforms and data-driven insights. By empowering contractors, builders and equipment owners with its proprietary technology, T3, EquipmentShare aims to drive productivity, efficiency and collaboration across the construction sector. With a comprehensive suite of solutions that includes a fleet management platform, telematics devices and a best-in-class equipment rental marketplace, EquipmentShare continues to lead the industry in building the future of construction.