March 23, 2023

Maximize Your Equipment and Expand Your Business With Attachments

Construction Equipment Attachments

Expanding the services your construction business offers doesn’t always require a huge investment. Adding attachments for your existing heavy equipment can open doors to new jobs.

“Any time you add an attachment, it gives you an opportunity to expand your business footprint,” said Rob Bristow, who sells Takeuchi and Link-Belt equipment for EquipmentShare. “It can be as small as a set of pallet forks allowing you to move stuff without a forklift or as big as adding a forestry head to a high-flow track loader that allows you to do land-clearing jobs.”

With the arrival of spring, construction season is back in full swing. To help make this year more productive and profitable, consider five of the most popular attachments for your skid steers, track loaders, tractors, excavators and backhoes.

  • Concrete breakers: These hydraulic hammers can help flatwork crews expand into demolition work by breaking up concrete and separating it from rebar.
  • Augers: These drills can help fencing companies dig post holes more efficiently, aid landscapers in the tree-planting process and allow concrete crews to create precise holes to pour footings or piles.
  • Pallet forks: Despite the name, they can move more than pallets of materials — they also can transport large rocks, brush and logs for landscaping projects.
  • Grapple buckets: A version of this attachment with an open skeleton bottom can help you perform demolition and landscaping jobs by allowing you to move big chunks of concrete or trees while leaving behind the smaller debris and dirt. 
  • Mowers: These attachments can help you tame thick brush and even small trees that would stop a lawn tractor in its tracks.

Those are just a handful of the hundreds of attachments that can expand your book of business. An EquipmentShare sales representative can help you find the right attachment for what your business needs. EquipmentShare is also offering a convenient new way to buy parts — including attachments — at a discounted price.

The T3 Parts program is a free perk for people who use the T3 operating system to manage and monitor their equipment. When you want to buy a part, service kit or attachment, you will be connected to a parts expert who will discuss your options, source what you need and arrange for it to be delivered to you — with a 15% discount on the retail price. If you don't see what you're looking for, call our parts team at 866-934-7476 or visit, and we can help you find the attachment you need.

If you’re a T3 customer, sign up for the T3 Parts Program.