Put Your Fleet and Jobsite Data to Work


Data You Can Dig

A Fully Integrated Analytics Solution

T3 Analytics is integrated with other apps in the platform, unlocking an enormous amount of data about your construction operations to help you better manage your assets, people and materials. To help you take action on these insights, T3 Analytics is an easy-to-use reporting tool featuring analytics dashboards.

How it Tackles Disconnected Data Problems
Enhance Visibility

Get a bird's eye view of your assets, people and materials, and track data in digestible, easy-to-use dashboards.

Control Cost

Reduce overall spending by monitoring data on rental costs, fuel consumption, safety issues, service events, compliance and fleet utilization.

Increase Productivity

Save time searching for data with a one-stop hub for operational reports and workflows. You can create and download customized reports on your computer any time, or schedule them to be delivered to your inbox on a regular basis.

Ditch Pen & Paper

Replace spreadsheets, carbon papers and reams of reports with a digital solution that is accessible and accurate.

The Problem: Moving Pieces of Information

Lindamood Demolition has hundreds of machines in its fleet. It uses T3 reports to accurately track and monitor their rented and owned asset utilization so the company can make informed, cost-saving business decisions.
Read Lindamood's Story
The reports help me know when I need to rent. With more than 150 pieces of construction equipment in my fleet, there’s gotta be another similar piece to use on a job if that one piece can’t be used. But if they’re all over 80 percent utilized, then that’s when we open the door to rental. It helps me, and it has definitely helped our company save money and conserve costs. It’s one hell of an asset.
Lindamood Demolition
Bird’s-eye view of your construction workflows and data

Analytics App Features

Instead of spending hours creating spreadsheets by hand, it organizes your data into clean, interactive layouts that empower you to make smart decisions for your business.

Access Reports

View the Alert Activity Report, Fleet Management Dashboard and Keypad Utilization Report to see where your assets are located, who is operating them, how many have open work orders, how many are overdue for service and more.

Fuel Reports

Use our Fuel Pump Report and Mileage Report to track fuel usage, fleet mileage and see summaries of mileage by state or asset.

Health Reports

Open the Fleet Health Dashboard to see a summary of your fleet’s fuel status, battery health, DPF status and more. Use the Telematics Health Report to see the status of your T3 tracking devices and ensure they are working properly.

Location Reports

Use the Asset Geofence Details and Summary Reports to see your most active geofences. Open the Jobsite Usage Report for a summary of hours spent on each jobsite. And view your assets’ locations on a map and their current speed on the Vehicle Proximity Map and Speeding Threshold Map.

Rentals Reports

Get a summary of your rental spend, utilization, location and invoice history on the Rental Management Dashboard and On and Off Rent Dashboard. Use the Historical Rentals by Date Report and Invoice Lookup Report to track your rental history and see line item details on invoices billed to your company.

Service Reports

View the Maintenance Report and Service Dashboard to see which assets are nearing maintenance intervals and review your open work orders. Open the Work Order Priority Report and Asset Downtime Report to view your downed assets, work order priority levels, and their average completion time.

Utilization Reports

View your fleet utilization percentage, asset runtime and more in the Fleet Utilization Dashboard. See your most active vehicles in the Vehicle Summary Report, and view a list of every trip taken — including the start date, end date, total distance and more — using Trip Detail and Log Reports.

Compliance Reports

View the IFTA Mileage Report to get a state-by-state fuel and mileage summary for IFTA filing purposes.

Safety Reports

The Driver Scorecard Report shows you how your drivers perform behind the wheel based on data gathered by our telematics trackers. The Speeding Report allows you to review speeding events across your fleet and see which assets have exceeded the posted speed limit or maximum speed limit you set.

Time Reports

The E-Logs Driver Summary shows you how many hours your drivers log behind the wheel. The Time Tracking Report summarizes your employee time cards. And the People Management Dashboard shows your top jobs worked by the hour, hours spent on work orders and more.

Keep Tabs on Key Operation Functions

Real-Time Dashboards

With just a few clicks, you can learn key insights about your fleet’s health, utilization, location and service status  — as well as your rental spend, fuel consumption, driver behavior and more.

Maintenance & Health Dashboards

Get real time status on your fleet. See which assets are nearing scheduled maintenance intervals and the time remaining until service is needed. See how many of your assets currently have diagnostic codes, and see a summary of your fleet’s fuel status, battery health, DPF status and more.
  • Maintenance Report
  • Work Order Priority Report
  • Fleet Health Dashboard

Fleet Utilization & Rental Management Dashboards

Gain insight into how efficiently your fleet is being used. View your fleet utilization percentage, runtime by asset type, asset utilization history and more. Get a summary of your rental fleet, including your overall spend, utilization and invoice history.
  • Alert Activity Reports
  • Asset Geofence Details and Summary
  • On Rent Dashboard
  • Asset Downtime Report

Compliance Dashboards

Our IFTA Mileage Report and E-Logs Driver Summary make compliance documentation easy. Whenever necessary, you can log into our platform and prepare reliable reports for the Department of Transportation to review.
  • Driver Scorecards
  • IFTA State-by-state Fuel and Mileage Summary
  • E-Logs Driver Summary
  • Speeding Report

People Management Dashboards

Review time, safety and job related data about your employees. Easily access real-time alerts to have visibility into when your operators are speeding, improperly using equipment, or exceeding allotted time on a project.
  • People Management Report
  • Time Tracking Report
  • E-Logs Driver Summary
  • Driver Scorecard

Safety and Security

Create dashboards to understand problem areas on the jobsite and on the road. See a full summary of the alerts that have been triggered for your fleet, including safety issues caught by our jobsite or dash cams, speeding reports on drivers behind the wheel, reports on assets exiting the geofence and when incorrect codes were attempted to unlock assets.
  • Speeding & Unsafe Driving Reports
  • Geofence Reports
  • Preventive Maintenance Reports
  • Reports by Jobsite showing PPE alerts
More Control, Visibility and Productivity For Your Operations

Data to Drive REsults

EquipmentShare’s technology allows us to have eyes on every machine every day — without needing to be on every jobsite. T3’s utilization dashboard has been a huge driving force for us. We can now see where all of our assets are located and how each machine is being used. EquipmentShare helps us make the best decisions we can about our fleet and maximize the value of our machines.
Andrew HoldeR
Director of Maintenance, ASI Paving
By using the technology, I can pinpoint which machine is causing problems and ask questions to the team in the field or request some service for that machine. That helps us avoid emergencies and prevent breakdowns. I can see what the machine is working on, where it’s going and which facility it’s on from states away.
Shawn Wildt
Purchasing Agent, Flash Trucking and South Texas Frac
At our company holiday parties, I tell my employees’ wives and husbands that I am doing my best to keep their loved ones safe. EquipmentShare helps me do that. Through solutions like keypads and E-Logs, I can ensure only the people with proper access and abilities can operate machines and vehicles. It continuously keeps you in compliance.
Bartley Stevenson
Owner, Milam Contracting