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See Your Fleet

Do you have the information you need to build with control? T3 RentOps shows you the status of your entire fleet – giving you the ability to assign assets for maximum productivity. You’ll know exactly what’s available, what’s not and why. Using the power of T3 – the operating system for construction – you can on-rent your owned assets to your jobsites as easily as renting from EquipmentShare.

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Gain Insights

Manage all of your owned and rental assets in one convenient place – no paper, no waiting for phone calls, no spreadsheets. See the status and availability of every machine. Easily assign assets to specific jobsites and projects. Get powerful insights about your fleet utilization. With T3 RentOps, you’ll see your equipment in a whole new way.

Why Assign Your Own Equipment?

With T3 RentOps, you can get the most out of every machine in your fleet. Optimize equipment utilization with an intelligent, easy-to-understand rental workflow. T3 RentOps will show you which equipment is available to deploy to your jobsites, which machines are already out for rent and which ones are down for maintenance. The result? A better-managed, better-utilized fleet that saves you money and time. T3 RentOps gives you the power to assign, redeploy and build with control.

Deploy Your Assets With Control

See which of your assets are available for you to deploy to the jobsite, so your team has everything they need to keep your project moving. When you’re finished, off-rent it and schedule a pickup just as easily.
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Connect Machines to Jobs

Set internal rates for each machine and every jobsite. T3 RentOps lets you assign your equipment to specific projects to see how your fleet is performing financially.
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Control Costs

With T3 RentOps, you have the ability to identify and deploy your available owned assets instead of renting – keeping your costs in check.
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The Power of T3.  The Convenience of Your Owned Fleet.

Now more than ever, you need to get the most from your assets. How effectively are you using your equipment? With T3 RentOps, you get all of the functionality of an internal equipment rental department – even if you don’t rent from EquipmentShare.

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Stop Chasing Down Service Information with T3

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T3 provides better visibility on the work started to the work completed, including record keeping and from a risk and safety management perspective, their technology helps us check off multiple boxes.
Patrick Leis
Director of Logistics Operations, JE Dunn, Kansas City, MO

Integration with T3 Time Cards

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By integrating Time Cards with Work Orders, we can see exactly how long it takes our mechanics to make repairs. We can see who is working efficiently and who is wasting time — and we can also easily identify machines that are breaking down too often. Together, these systems show us the true cost of labor for every unit in our fleet, which is something we were never able to calculate in the past.
Ronnie Pitts
Lindamood Demolition, Irving, TX

T3 Provides Vehicle History at Your Fingertips

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When I look to buy equipment, I want all of the data and vehicle history. With EquipmentShare’s technology, that information is intact so I know exactly what I am getting into when I purchase the machine. There are no hidden problems and you can’t dress up a lemon as anything other than a lemon.
Bartley Stevenson
Owner of Milam Excavating Corp, Columbia, MO
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