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Jobsite Bluetooth Tags

Keep Tabs on Your Gear

Bluetooth Tags

Effective fleet management goes beyond tracking your heavy machinery. It also means monitoring your smaller items — like valuable tools, buckets, attachments and implements.

Our Bluetooth solutions help you keep track of your tools and accessories. Most of our customers use this technology for inventory management, but you can also use it to track tool usage or monitor the environment around your machines, such as the outdoor temperature. Tell us your goals, and we will set you up with a Bluetooth solution that suits your needs.

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Enhance Visibility

Monitor the location of your valuable tools and attachments from your mobile device for total visibility across your fleet and inventory.

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Control Costs

Keep track of your smaller assets to save on replacement costs.  

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Increase Productivity

Stop wasting time searching for misplaced tools or implements, and quickly see where your assets are located with Bluetooth tags.

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For All Assets

Bluetooth tags run on tools, buckets, attachments and implements, no matter the brand.  

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The Problem: Losing Track of Tools

Construction is transitory – your people and tools are always on the move from project to project, which frequently results in the loss of equipment. In fact, It's such a common problem that most contractors bake thousands of dollars into bids to recover funds from the tools they expect to lose on the jobsite. To avoid this, you can attach Bluetooth tags to your tools and accessories and use them in conjunction with our machine trackers. The tags communicate with hardware we install inside your equipment and beam data to our T3 Fleet platform.
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Benefits of Having a tight Handle on your tools

Power of Bluetooth Tags

Stop budgeting for losses before the project even begins. With our Bluetooth tags and our tracking software, you can use your mobile phone to scan your Bluetooth tags and view their data on our platform. T3 Fleet can also integrate with Bluetooth-enabled tools you already own, such as those made by Milwaukee Tool and Dewalt.

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Improve Tool Utilization

Enhance productivity on the jobsite and get the most out of your tools. With our bluetooth technology, we are able to understand utilization of attachments and certain tool types, such as drills or impact tools.

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Track Materials

Gain visibility into where your consumables are on the jobsite. With bluetooth technology, you have a greater understanding of your material inventory. Improved material management also means for more accurate job costing and invoicing.

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Save Time

Stop wasting time searching for tools and manually tracking your inventory. With Bluetooth technology in your corner, you can gain immediate insight into how many tools and accessories you have on each jobsite.

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Mitigate Loss

Use Bluetooth tags to find missing tools and ensure you leave no items behind at the end of a project.

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Save Money

Before using Bluetooth to track their smaller items, some customers budgeted more than $100,000 into each project for lost or stolen tools. This technology helps them avoid these costs. When you keep better track of your inventory, you only spend money on tools you need — not tools you’ve misplaced.

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Reduce Misuse

Microtheft is a common problem on the jobsite, especially when there are numerous contractors and subs working the same project. Ensure your tools are being used by your team.

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I’d bet microtheft happens 1,000-times more often than the total theft of a machine, and it’s why 100% of my company’s fleet is now connected to EquipmentShare’s ecosystem.

Bartley Stevenson

Owner, Milam Excavating Corporation