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Connecting a Very Disconnected Industry

Building the Future

As contractors ourselves, we know construction professionals and companies work hard every day to get the job done. You’re busy, and we’re the first to admit that during the work day, there’s not much time to strategize about improving processes and increasing profit margins.

EquipmentShare is the first of its kind to holistically address industry challenges by building an ecosystem of connectivity for construction, a sector that’s historically been disconnected and lagging in productivity gains.

Our mission is to help contractors enhance visibility, increase productivity and BUILD WITH CONTROL by replacing manual and analog processes with technology. By digitizing and connecting all of the verticals of construction (assets, people and materials) in one single platform called T3, contractors can achieve greater levels of profitability, efficiency, safety and security.

Streamlining Construction Workflows and Communications

Game-Changing Technology

The days of using multiple telematics and software systems just to manage day-to-day operations are over. We provide easy-to-use solutions that meet contractors’ needs, empowering them to make better and more informed decisions while experiencing cost savings.

Our technology solutions work together to connect various data points from your assets, people and materials in one place to create T3 — the operating system (OS) for construction. T3 is a fully integrated cloud-based suite of apps that helps contractors reduce bottlenecks such as machine downtime and service events, late or inaccurate statements and invoices, reconciling timesheets and job costing, and other instances that negatively impact budgets and timelines.

Whether you need a time-tracking solution to help manage your employees, or your company wants a simplified way to manage its mixed fleet, we have you covered. Our robust platform of solutions feature tools to help you manage your assets, people and materials. Choose the applications that work for your organization’s needs.

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Award-Winning Fleet Management Technology

EquipmentShare was named the Fleet Management Innovation of the Year by the AutoTech Breakthrough Awards.

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Why We Built this System

Technology made by contractors, for contractors

With the invention of the internet came connectivity, enhanced communication, efficiency and the ability for consumers to find anything they wanted or needed with the click of a button. Smartphones made this easier. Do you remember what life was like before the dawn of Amazon and other one-stop shops, where you can find nearly any service or good in one place? The internet and connectivity have changed how we live, work and shop — but not every industry has experienced this revolution.

Our founders saw how this connected world changed nearly every industry, except for construction. To move construction into the 21st century, brothers Jabbok and Willy Schlacks built solutions that connect data points from all aspects of the jobsite in one place so contractors could experience a better way to run their operations.

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Save time and money with T3 technology

One Solution to
Build with Control

T3, the OS for Construction, restores full visibility to the jobsite and your overall operations, providing contractors with information on equipment usage, operating hours, downtime, spending and job-costing, time tracking, compliance and more.

T3 Technology helps your company digitize manual processes so you can ditch the paper and pen. Does your company already use software and telematics systems to track and manage your assets? No problem — our technology integrates with it all, even OEM-specific telematics platforms. Our cloud-based platform is your complete construction management system, and we have you covered from project start to completion.

Improve efficiency with EquipmentShare

Construction sites involve many moving pieces. Project timelines can change on a dime if materials do not arrive on time, equipment is down due to service issues, or if an employee doesn’t show up to work. For you to meet a deadline, all of the moving pieces need to work together. With EquipmentShare’s T3, contractors get a birds-eye view of their entire operations, along with alerts that direct their attention to issues and tools to mitigate expensive bottlenecks.

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Our technology tracks and records 38 billion data points from the jobsite every month.

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Our Tech Foundation

Digitizing construction: How we do it

By developing our core fleet management and asset tracking technology using powerful telematics and construction hardware over the past several years, and pulling millions of data points from moving and stationery jobsite objects (trailers, trucks, heavy equipment, valuable small tools, buckets and attachments, storage containers and fuel pumps), we built the foundation for the T3 jobsite technology platform. Today, we connect labor and material workflow data points from mobile phones, iPads and desktop computers to our suite of apps and software to create a central location for all construction operations data to live.

The EquipmentShare Difference

The best rental management solution at your fingertips

With T3, you can manage your rentals from EquipmentShare as well as rented equipment from outside vendors all in one place.  You can view all your On-Rent or Reserved assets and sort by job site or purchase order.

Every machine in EquipmentShare’s rental fleet comes connected to our T3 platform, which allows contractors to experience enhanced productivity and fleet utilization on day one of their rental reservation or after their retail purchase. If your company doesn’t rent equipment, you can outfit your owned machines with T3 technology to gain full visibility into your entire fleet.

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Partnerships with trusted brands

We leverage relationships with major equipment OEMs, like Genie, Sany, Takeuchi, Doosan, Link-Belt, Case, SkyJack, Wacker Neuson, JCB, JLG, and Manitou among others, to build technology solutions that run on any machine, make or model. EquipmentShare fastens tracking hardware on all types of machines and tools to gain intelligence and data on maintenance intervals, vehicle health, safety and more. We use this powerful information to improve your customer experience.

By digitizing, tracking and monitoring machine data we create connectivity for construction through a constant cycle of dynamic information.
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Partnering with Customers

Contractors Drive Our Innovation

Our company is dedicated to solving problems for contractors. We build solutions that work for real-life construction professionals. We team up with contractors to solve their problems and test and refine our products based on their feedback.

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Research and Development

Building solutions for today and tomorrow

While EquipmentShare is dedicated to improving and perfecting our solutions to continue helping contractors accelerate productivity, we also have our eyes set on innovations to bring overall efficiency to the construction industry.

Our research and development teams work alongside other innovators in the space to explore cutting edge products and concepts that will continue to enhance the industry. Our fingers are on the pulse of what’s next in construction: 3D printers to create modular buildings; AI-equipped cameras to ensure safety and security on the jobsite; autonomous robotic equipment to reduce hazards and improve precision; drones for increased visibility and inspections; and a globally connected platform to help contractors around the world  increase efficiency.

Through their venture capital fund and studio Redbud VC, Jabbok and Willy Schlacks also invest in next generation ideas and businesses set on disrupting industries.

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Check out our Machine Automation Portal project, where we are bringing a new level of robotics, analytics and smart technology to our industry.